Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado

About Us

Colorado’s scenic vistas and world-renowned recreation are why so many of us live here. But with visitation on the rise, land management agencies have a hard time keeping up with the impacts from people on lands and waterways. Founded in 1984, Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado (VOC) offers a solution to this problem: each year, we engage more than 5,000 people in hands-on volunteer projects to build and maintain trails, remove invasive weeds, plant trees and community gardens, restore habitats after fire and floods, and more. Since our inception, we’ve engaged more than 115,000 volunteers in over 1,000 volunteer projects for a donated labor value of $23 million.

Signature Event

New Volunteer Leader Night
January 30, 2019
Volunteer leaders, including our Crew Leaders, Crew Chefs, and Tool Managers, are vital to the success of our volunteer projects. Meet our staff and existing volunteer leaders at our Denver office for New Volunteer Leader Night, where you can learn more about supporting VOC in one of these positions.

Uniquely Colorado
Fall 2019
Our annual Uniquely Colorado event brings together Denver’s business and outdoor communities for a night of networking and a celebration of the year’s accomplishments in stewardship. Featuring our 2019 Outstanding Corporate Partner of the Year and local food, drinks, music, and getaway packages.

Giving Opportunities

81 cents of every dollar donated to VOC directly supports on-the-ground stewardship programs. We accept donations at www.voc.org, by mail, or over the phone, and encourage you to explore ways your business can make a difference:

Corporate Sponsorships – Corporate generosity makes up nearly 25% of our funding. Show your company’s support with a variety of sponsorship levels and options.

Custom Corporate Volunteer Projects – Enjoy teambuilding with a twist with a Corporate SWAT (Stewardship with a Team) project for your employees! We will work to meet your group’s goals while allowing your business to have an immediate positive impact on Colorado.

Workplace Giving Campaigns – Payroll deductions are an easy, affordable way for employees to give back. Call us at 303-715-1010 to learn about starting a workplace giving program.

In-Kind Donations – From food and SWAG for our volunteers to office equipment, vehicles, and camping supplies, in-kind support is a huge help in making our volunteer programs a success.

Volunteer Opportunities

VOC hosts nearly 60 public volunteer projects each year from April – October.

Projects take place all over the state and range in difficulty and duration, from half-day planting projects in the heart of Denver to weekend camping trips and five-day backcountry projects. We also offer projects for youth as young as 6, including our signature Family Camping projects! No experience or long-term commitment is required; we also welcome volunteers to assist with tool transportation, kitchen help, photography, and office support. Projects are announced in February at voc.org/volunteer; registration will open March 1.

Sign up for the VOC Voice e-newsletter at www.voc.org to be the first to hear about new projects!

Blake Calvert, P.E.

Principal | President & CEO, CORE Consultants


Why is this non-profit so important to you? What is your WHY for supporting them?
CORE fosters a culture of empowering our people to live their passion. We whole-heartedly believe that when you’re doing things that you’re passionate about, you thrive at home, at work and in the community. Many of our employees are passionate about getting outside and enjoying Colorado. A partnership with Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado made perfect sense because, with them, we are creating opportunities for our employees to enjoy what they love while making a meaningful difference in the community. Volunteering with VOC also allows us to make connections with like-minded individuals and companies who share our passion for the Colorado outdoors.

What is one thing you wish the Denver business community knew about this non-profit?
VOC’s SWAT (Stewardship with a Team) projects are more than just giving back to the community. These projects play a huge role in providing team-building opportunities for our people. It’s great to see our employees working together and showcasing their strengths and problem-solving skills in a totally different environment. Our team comes back from VOC projects with a better understanding and respect for each other, which results in healthy working relationships and a strong culture. Returning year after year, VOC crew leaders remember us and know they can trust us to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

How long have you supported this non-profit and what positive changes have you seen since you starting working with them?
I personally started working with Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado in 1998. It was a great experience from the get-go and I quickly realized that VOC needed more exposure because there’s not enough funding or people to get everything done that needs attention. To help, I’ve organized several corporate volunteer groups over the years both with CORE and other organizations.

VOC has always been a great non-profit that affects positive change throughout Colorado, but I think the most positive thing I’ve seen is the change that it affects on individuals. Once you volunteer for VOC, you truly become an active steward of Colorado’s natural resources and gain a deeper respect and appreciation for our trails.

What inspires you most about the work being done by your non-profit?
I love hiking and mountain biking trails that are off the beaten path and I enjoy showing others what this state is all about. Enjoying the Colorado outdoors also means that we make impacts on the trails that we love. Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado allows us to give back and contribute in a meaningful way. I really enjoy getting the CORE team involved and empowering them to experience new things and to affect positive change so that we can all continue to be inspired by Colorado and all that it has to offer.

What is the biggest challenge this non-profit is facing and how can the Denver business community help?
As Colorado’s population continues to grow, many people who enjoy the state’s trails and outdoor spaces don’t realize the impact they’re making on our natural resources. We all have a responsibility to offset our impact by donating time, money or resources to help maintain these places. As a small nonprofit, Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado has a limited ability to reach these audiences and educate them about stewardship. Businesses, however, offer a significant platform to reach Denver’s growing communities and can help spread awareness by getting their companies involved with volunteer projects, partnering to assist with funds or visibility, and/or educating employees and customers on how to become responsible stewards for the outdoors.