The Wild Animal Sanctuary


1946 County Road 53, Keenesburg, CO 80643



Executive Director
Pat Craig

Fund Development
Becky Maitlen

Year Established

Service Area
The Wild Animal Sanctuary rescues large carnivores throughout United States, the Americas, and many other countries around the world.

Mission Statement
To rescue and care for Lions, Tigers, Bears, Wolves and many other large carnivores that have been abused, abandoned or illegally-kept and provide rehabilitation and large acreage habitats for the rescued animals to live in. We also educate the public about issues and solutions surrounding the Captive Wildlife Crisis.

Financial – To continue our ability to fund critical stateside and international rescues through positive relationships and cooperative ventures with local, state and federal agencies and foreign governments.
Service Delivery – To maintain and improve our position as the industry leader providing natural habitats, premier rescue services and innovative public education.
Operational Performance Improvement – Continue to invest in our fleet of rescue trucks, trailers, equipment and international IATA containers, as well as expand and improve our educational infrastructure and outreach.
Research – Continue to work within higher education cooperatives such as Colorado State University’s Veterinary Teaching Hospital, as well as many other zoological associated Universities.
Marketing and Public Relations – Continue to improve The Sanctuary’s role as an industry leader and pioneering institution while also broadening our brand recognition around the globe.
Human Resources – Continue to be the top animal sanctuary employer, while also providing hundreds of volunteers and interns the opportunity to become highly-trained within an incredibly-unique field.

Fundraising Events: 

Spring 2018
This incredibly-unique running festival and expo is a one day event that includes a multitude of running events incorporating the Sanctuary’s 720 acre facility which include US Track & Field certified courses.

Summer 2018
Intimate events held throughout the summer season where guests receive special one-on-one guided tours, fully-catered and exquisite dinners and special presentations about the Sanctuary’s incredible efforts to rescue hundreds of Lions, Tigers, Bears and other large carnivores from dangerous situations around the world.

Volunteer Opportunities: 

The Wild Animal Sanctuary currently operates utilizing the services of more than 160 volunteers and interns. We offer thorough and highly-monitored training for each and every volunteer so they can achieve and perform at the same level as our professional team of animal care specialist. We also mentor and train all volunteers to participate in our public education arena, as well as providing public education presentations via our highly-active speaker’s bureau.

Giving Opportunities: 

Facility Based
The Wild Animal Sanctuary’s giving opportunities are extensive and have a broad reach across subject matter and platforms. Facility-oriented projects are incredibly important giving opportunities, as they are direct investments toward the rehabilitation and life-long care of rescued animals.
Our “Wild Open Spaces” fund enables donors to contribute toward critical land purchases, which enable the Sanctuary to increase its capacity, as well as the quality of care we can provide to all the majestic creatures we rescue. Matching grants are available to double contributions on a dollar for dollar basis.
Participation in our Habitat Building Program enables donors to be highly-involved with specific rescues and the overall care of the animals we rescue. By helping the Sanctuary create large acreage natural spaces, where rescued animals will live and roam freely in harmony with others of their own kind, donors are partnering with the Sanctuary to solidify a positive future for abused, threatened and endangered species.
Donating through our bronze Memorial Plaque Program located across all sections of our world-record setting “Mile Into The Wild” elevated walkway helps the Sanctuary to continue building additional sections of walkway and platforms that not only educate the public about the animals we rescue, but also protects the same from undue pressure thru the walkway’s pioneering and instinctually-rooted design.
Sponsoring our 48,000 sq. ft. Welcome Center, which has become the centerpiece for hundreds of thousands of yearly visitors, is the perfect naming opportunity for family legacies and corporate branding.
Giving Opportunities also include sponsorships of our signature events, including Summer Safari Dinners... our Into The Wild Running Festival and Expo... and our new traveling Educational Caravan.

The Wild Animal Sanctuary also participates in workplace giving programs through Community Shares of Colorado, the Combined City, State and Federal Employee Campaigns. We also have corporate matching programs, online peer-to-peer fundraising programs that can be event-related and/or standalone in nature. Estate planning and other lasting legacy programs are available, as well as personal one-on-one attention to donor goals and interests.

Board of Directors: 

Maria McCann-Glover

George Ellis

Scott Edwards

Dr. Ashley Malmlov

Antonina Scalera