Savio House


325 King Street, Denver, CO 80219


Executive Director
Norma Aguilar-Dave

Year Established

Service Area
Front Range

Mission Statement
Savio House is dedicated to eliminating violence, crime, drug and alcohol abuse, child abuse and neglect, and other destructive behaviors in families through care, support, and education.

Savio House will be the preeminent child and family treatment center where the most caring, culturally appropriate and effective strategies enable families to resolve conflicts and live harmoniously in the community

Success Story: 

Alex and Katherine were at their wits’ end and felt they had no one they could turn to for help. It seemed like only yesterday that their daughter, Becky, was a little girl running to the swing set and going to her first day of school. Now, as a teenager, she had become someone different.

It started with poor grades, then running away only to return home a few days later. More instances of running away were followed by the threat of expulsion from school. It was only a matter of time before Becky was in police custody. “When she went to court, she was in a lot of trouble,” said Alex.

The court connected the family with Kelly, a Savio therapist. Kelly met with the family several times a week and offered research based interventions that help their family find sustainable solutions. Over time, the family learned how to communicate with each other and Becky’s behavior changed. She was able to attain her GED and has learned how to be a responsible young person. “What Savio did for us was bring Becky back into our lives,” said Alex.

Alex, Katherine, and Becky’s story is one of thousands from Savio served families. Over five decades of strengthening families has earned Savio the distinction of being a change maker in our community. Savio intervenes in the lives of families to strengthen them so they may keep their children and remain an intact family. Without these services, most of which are delivered in the families’ home, children and adolescents would be placed in foster, group and correctional care. Our goal is to educate families in a prompt fashion and to quickly terminate the system’s involvement in their lives.

Fundraising Events: 

Kendra Gives Back Party
Wednesday, November 29th 5:00pm-7:00pm
Cherry Creek North
175 Fillmore St., Denver 80206

Savio is thrilled to partner with Kendra Scott for a special holiday shopping benefit. Join us at the Cherry Creek North location on Wednesday, November 29th. 20% of proceeds will directly benefit Savio. There will be a special guest speaker from our foster care program, a raffle for fabulous Kendra Scott prizes, and more. Enjoy an early start to your holiday shopping and even treat yourself to a lovely new accessory or two. No reservation or RSVP necessary.

Giving Opportunities: 

Visit our website at or find us on the Community First Foundation website at Please mail checks to Development Officer, 325 King Street, Denver, CO 80246. For any planned giving, Child Care Contribution Credit questions, and any other giving questions or requests please call Suzie Schuckman, Development Officer at (303) 225-4022.

Board of Directors: 

Ronald K. Abo
The Abo Group, Inc.

Robert J. McCormick
Vice President
Hall and Evans, L.L.C. (Retired)

Charles E. Anderson
Perry & Co.

Troy R. Dumlao
CoBiz Financial

William D. Adams
ISU Insurance Services of Colorado, Inc.

Stuart C. Haskins
First Plymouth Church (Retired)

Vonnie Hergett

Dianne M. Pape
9Health Fair

Cleo Rauchway
Community Volunteer

Lance G. Eberhart
Legal Counsel, Hall & Evans, L.L.C.

Norma Aguilar-Dave
Savio Executive Director