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President and CEO
Vicki Cowart

Year Established
In 1916, 10 women and men pioneered the idea of birth control access by forming the original Planned Parenthood in this region. That auspicious start has grown into an almost 100 year history of providing high-quality reproductive health care, sexual health education and advocacy in Colorado, New Mexico, southern Nevada and Wyoming.

Service Area
PPRM is a regional affiliate covering four states. In Colorado, PPRM provides health care to almost 90,000 individuals each year at 18 locations.

Our Responsible Sex Education Institute offers developmentally-appropriate, medically accurate sex education resources to educators, parents, and Colorado youth each year, as well as to anyone who texts our ICYC: In Case You’re Curious youth text line or our TALK line for parents.

Our Public Affairs Department works to protect reproductive rights and expand access to health care services and programs throughout the state.

Mission Statement
PPRM empowers people to make informed decisions about their sexual and reproductive health by providing high quality health care, comprehensive sex education, and strategic advocacy.

Our goals include:
• Expanding access to our reproductive and sexual health care services;
• Increasing the impact of our education programs; and
• Broadening our advocacy to protect and promote reproductive rights and accessibility of health services.

Fundraising Events: 

PPRM relies on our loyal supporters to achieve our mission and goals, and gifts of every amount are always appreciated. Join our Impact Society today and become part of a unique group of friends whose dedication to PPRM is distinct and whose generosity is remarkable. Membership is open to all individual donors with an annual cumulative contribution of $1,000 or more. Members enjoy exclusive privileges including access to organizational leadership, special communications concerning major PPRM initiatives, and invitations to private PPRM and Planned Parenthood Federation of America events.

Volunteer Opportunities: 

Volunteers are deeply valued at PPRM. We provide a wide variety of opportunities in all areas of our organization and we are always recruiting new volunteers and interns. Volunteers in our health centers have the opportunity to assist in administrative tasks, as well as the chance to receive appropriate in-depth training to educate patients on birth control methods and STI screening recommendations. Our volunteer activists also help to staff our phone banks and canvassing efforts.

Giving Opportunities: 

To make a donation:

Donor support allows PPRM to transform lives by caring, educating, and protecting the rights of women, men, and young people who rely on us. There are many ways to give including: Colorado Gives Day, workplace giving, online giving, direct gifts of cash or stocks, through family foundations, matching gifts, and legacy giving. Visit to learn more!

Donor support impacts our work in many ways. Here are just a few examples:

Health Services
PPRM strives to make family planning and basic health services more accessible and affordable to underserved and uninsured women and families. A gift of $1,000 would cover the cost of:
• 6 Wellness exams; or
• 8 individuals’ screening for sexually transmitted infections (STIs); or
• 1 years’ worth of birth control pills for 3 women; or 2 insertions of intrauterine contraceptives (IUCs).
Responsible Sex Education Institute (the Institute)
We educate and empower individuals and communities to make responsible choices regarding their sexuality and sexual health. A gift of $1,000 would pay for:
• 31 high school participants to attend an All Together Now education program that provides information on pregnancy prevention, STI awareness, sexual health and responsible decision making skill; or
• 21 middle school participants to attend a Draw the Line, Respect the Line program that focuses on abstinence and refusal skills; or
• 15 Individual Lessons presentations with up to 25 participants in each class. We offer one-hour Individual Lessons as alternatives to schools or communities that do not have the capacity to engage in multiple sessions of education; or
• 664 answers to ICYC: In Case You’re Curious texts. Our ICYC textline is an impactful approach in reaching teens where they already are: on their cell phones. The program bolsters the work being done in the classroom and provides a resource for those youth who do not have access to an in-class intervention.

Public Affairs
We work to protect reproductive choice and expand access to healthcare services and programs through political advocacy, government relations, and activist mobilization. A gift of $1,000 would pay for:
• Training 100 local activists how to lobby their legislators about their concerns; or
• Up to 17,000 phone calls to educate voters about reproductive rights issues, including potential ballot measures.

Board of Directors: 

Leigh Aurbach (NV)

Jeremy Bronson (CO)

Diane Denish (NM)

Bill Drummond (CO)

Mike Feeley (CO)

Kristina Fraser (CO)

Alison Friedman (CO)

Alison Gillis (CO)

Annie Harrington Weinig (CO)

Maggie Hunt (WY)

Melissa Johnsen (CO)

Len Keating (CO)

Frank Lockwood (CO)

Monica Martinez (CO)

Ann Hatfield Merritt (NV)

Josh Miller (CO)

Dr. Tina Mueh (CO)

Brian Nichols (NM)
Board Chair

Kevin O’Connor (CO)

Tracy Pharis (CO)

Rich Rainaldi (CO)

Suzanne Schmidt (NM)

Marya Shegog (NV)

Ann Smith (CO)

Ivy Stern (NM)

Mauro Walden-Montoya (NM)