Denver Hospice

The Denver Hospice is celebrating 40 years of life-enhancing care

About Us

The Denver Hospice is the region’s leading, largest and most trusted not-for-profit provider of life-enhancing hospice and palliative care. We offer more expertise, more resources and a more complete continuum of compassionate care to patients facing life-limiting illnesses and end-of-life transition. As a result, our patients and their loved ones are able to get the most out of every day.

We are driven by the belief that palliative and hospice care is not about losing life, but adding to it. Our nationally-recognized, best-practice model of personalized care supports mind, body and spirit, giving our patients and their families control over their lives with dignity, joy, compassion and unparalleled experience and support.

Giving Opportunities

Because we are a not-for-profit organization and mission-driven, we offer care to all who need us, including the uninsured and underinsured and those in our community who are homeless. We provide the very best care for every patient and their family, regardless of ability to pay. As such, we rely heavily on the generous support of caring individuals to help us. Our supporters know that every gift they give is an investment in quality end-of-life care.

We are participating in the national Giving Tuesday movement (November 27) and in Colorado Gives Day (December 4). We respectfully ask readers to make a donation on these giving days to help us give more to our patients and families, wherever and whenever they need us. Additional giving opportunities are through Facebook and

Volunteer Opportunities

At The Denver Hospice, we pride ourselves on being experts in end-of-life care in Colorado, as well as national leaders in palliative care. Volunteers are important members of our circle of care and we truly value and support our volunteers!

We offer volunteer opportunities in both clinical (working directly with patients and families) and non-clinical (administrative support) roles.

Volunteer Opportunities Include:
• Direct Patient Volunteer: Volunteers provide respite for caregivers and companionship for hospice patients wherever they call home. This can include visiting with patients, letter writing, playing cards, reading and providing emotional support.
• 11th Hour Volunteer: This important role serves at the bedside of actively dying patients. A training class provided by The Denver Hospice is required.
• Integrative Therapies: Volunteers who offer animal therapy, Reiki or music therapy are always needed.
• Inpatient Care Center Volunteer: Volunteers interact with patients and assist families at our Inpatient Care Center.
• Inpatient Care Center Greeter Volunteer: Our volunteer greeters put visitors at ease by fostering a warm, welcoming environment.
• Office Support Volunteer: We also have a need for volunteers to help at our administrative offices. This can include filing, answering phones and placing calls, copying, mailings and typing.
• Special Projects Volunteer: Individuals help with one-time fundraising activities or special events.

To get involved, please contact our Volunteer Engagement Department at

Louann & Micky Miller

Supporters of The Denver Hospice


Why is this not-for-profit so important to you? What is your WHY for supporting them?
We believe there are few missions as profound as bringing comfort, support and dignity to patients and families facing a life-limiting illness or terminal diagnosis. We have been proud supporters of The Denver Hospice since its founding in 1978 when there were only two nurses, a social worker and one volunteer. In fact, Louann is the very first volunteer! Over the years, The Denver Hospice has grown to become the most trusted hospice in Denver. Today, they serve nearly 4,000 hospice and 2,000 palliative care patients and their families every year. The staff has grown from three to more than 300 and they have one of the largest volunteer programs in Colorado.

We became involved to help reduce the stigma of hospice and help educate our community that no matter where you are in life’s journey, you deserve to get the most out of every day. We want our friends and neighbors to know if they are faced with a life-limiting illness or terminal diagnosis, hospice can reduce pain and suffering and improve quality of life. We believe it is important for a person who is dying to have someone at their side caring for them.

What inspires you most about the work being done by The Denver Hospice?
It is inspiring to see the calm and peace in patients being cared for by The Denver Hospice. With relief from their pain and other symptoms, patients are in a better position to accept their diagnosis and face the next step with courage. We believe people die more peacefully with hospice care.

Does The Denver Hospice have any special events or initiatives that the community can get involved in?
The Denver Hospice is not-for-profit and cares for anyone who needs them, including the uninsured and underinsured and those in our community who are homeless. To meet this community need, they rely on generous donations from caring individuals. The organization is participating in the national Giving Tuesday movement (November 27) and in Colorado Gives Day (December 4). Donations made on these giving days will help The Denver Hospice give more to patients and families. In 2017, The Denver Hospice provided $1.2 million in uncompensated care.

What is the biggest challenge The Denver Hospice is facing and how can the Denver business community help?
Fundraising is a big challenge. We believe the Denver business community needs to raise money and support The Denver Hospice. Supporting a community treasure like The Denver Hospice helps ensure everyone in our community receives high quality, dignified hospice care and improves quality of life for everyone.

What has your participation experience been like? Please describe.
We have many, many good memories. One of the highlights is getting The Denver Hospice Inpatient Care Center in Denver’s Lowry neighborhood built. When it opened in January 2011, it was the first hospice inpatient care center in the entire Denver region. Last year, 1,255 patients and their families were served there. Two times each year, The Denver Hospice hosts a Louann and Micky Millers Light Up A Life Remembrance Ceremony at the Care Center. This special ceremony recognizes generous donor support and places the name of the donor’s loved one on a memorial wall.

Louann has enjoyed countless heartwarming conversations and interactions with patients during her 40-years of volunteering at The Denver Hospice. According to Louann, the popular saying is true: the volunteer receives more than they give.

What else would you like to tell us?
First, in addition to hospice care, the organization offers important support programs. For those not ready for hospice, the Optio Health Services palliative care program helps individuals with symptom management, advance care planning and coordinating care with primary care doctors. The Grief Center offers a full range of support services to help individuals prepare and explore their loss. Services include anticipatory counseling for children who are losing a loved one, support groups, individual counseling, teen support and memorial services.

Second, The Denver Hospice is nationally-recognized for its commitment and dedication to those who served our country. Veterans often have special needs and The Denver Hospice has the experience and expertise to ensure each veteran is appreciated and receives support. There is even a special veterans’ wing at the Inpatient Care Center named after Denver philanthropist Bill Daniels.

Third, we want everyone to know hospice can actually help enhance your life. With hospice, you are out of pain. You can focus on life.