Children's Diabetes Foundation

About Us

Type 1 diabetes requires making life-threatening decisions every minute of every day and can cause physical, emotional, and social distress. While technology continues to improve, it is not a cure. The Children’s Diabetes Foundation and the Barbara Davis Center are fighting to improve patient lives every day by providing the best possible patient care, providing support groups, educating the public, and doing research to prevent diabetes, reduce complications, and eventually find a cure.


The Children’s Diabetes Foundation strives to accomplish these goals:

• To support research and clinical care at the Barbara Davis Center
• To create a community of support for those living with type 1 diabetes
• To provide financial assistance for those who cannot afford diabetes supplies, appointments, or emergency costs
• To be a resource for people affected by diabetes
• To provide education and awareness about type 1 diabetes to the public
• To hold events that raise funds and uplift those with diabetes
• To investigate new ways we can improve the lives of Barbara Davis Center patients


Research – The Barbara Davis Center is currently facilitating over 80 research studies, including various stem cell and islet cell research, artificial pancreas systems, diabetes technology, prevention of type 1 diabetes, behavioral studies, cultural programs, understanding of complications, and more. Donors are welcome to direct their funds towards specific research studies.

Helping Hand Program – Diabetes is an expensive disease. Many families have to give up basic needs to afford their supplies and healthcare. The Helping Hand Program provides financial assistance to families in need so they can get the necessary medical supplies, doctor appointments, and more to live a healthy lifestyle.

Helping Little Hands Program – The Helping Little Hands Program provides financial support for pregnant women with type 1 diabetes so they have the proper technology, supplies, and appointment funds to ensure a healthy pregnancy and baby.

Charlotte Tucker Scholarship Program – This program gives $4,000 scholarships to 20 Barbara Davis Center patients after an intensive application process each year.

Education & Awareness – Diabetes is something we see on tv, online, in articles… it’s all around us, but the public is widely unaware of the constant management it requires and how life-threatening it can truly be. The Children’s Diabetes Foundation aims to share the symptoms of type 1 diabetes so that others can catch a diagnosis earlier, which can save a life. The Foundation also spreads awareness so that the public can understand what living with type 1 diabetes truly looks like so that patients are burdened less by the stereotypes associated with this disease.

CDF Support Groups – Diabetes affects the patient and their family, friends, and caregivers. CDF Support Groups give people, of all ages and all relationships to type 1 diabetes, an opportunity to meet once a month with others who understand the difficulties and daily management of this disease.

Giving Opportunities

If you have a particular research study, doctor, or program you would like to support, we can guarantee that your money will go directly to that need. General donations are also graciously accepted. Donate online at or send a check to the Children’s Diabetes Foundation.

Matching Gifts – Many employers sponsor matching gift programs and will match charitable contributions made by their employees (or even retirees and/or spouses). The impact of your gift may be doubled or possibly tripled! Contact your employer to see if they will match your gift.

Become a Corporate Sponsor or Partner – We do everything we can to make our partnerships mutually beneficial to meet the goals of all parties involved. From national corporate brands to regional and local companies, we are always looking for partners to help build a brighter future for our communities. If you’re interested in becoming a Corporate Partner, contact Amanda Garrett Miller at or 303-628-5112.

Planned Giving – If you know someone affected by type 1 diabetes, you know how deeply it touches their lives. Leaving a legacy gift to the Children’s Diabetes Foundation will impact many lives for years to come. Please consider including the Children’s Diabetes Foundation in your estate planning. For assistance with facilitating this, contact Daphne Rothstein at or 303-628-5111.

Volunteer Opportunities

The Guild of the Children’s Diabetes Foundation – The Guild is the volunteer membership group of the Children’s Diabetes Foundation and the Barbara Davis Center for Diabetes. The Guild raises funds for research, promotes diabetes awareness and education, assists families in need, provides continuing education scholarships, and sponsors social activities for children and their families.

CDF Advocates – Patients with type 1 diabetes, ages 6-22, can become CDF Advocates. This program requires 20 hours of diabetes-related volunteer work throughout the year to get involved in the diabetes community. In return, the Advocates have exciting outings to get to know each other, to forget about this disease, and just have fun!

If you are interested in volunteering for any CDF events or for office duties as needed, either as an individual or as a corporate group, please contact us at

Darryl Traweek

RBC Wealth Management


Why is this non-profit so important to you? What is your WHY for supporting them?
At RBC Wealth Management, we are committed to enriching the communities where our employees and clients work and live. We believe that the strength of our community starts with the health and well-being of our children, and I couldn’t think of a better organization to help ensure that children impacted by type 1 diabetes have the support necessary to work through the many challenges they’ll face. I’ve personally seen the physical and emotional stress that type 1 diabetes can have on a person, watching a number of our employees and their loved ones struggle to find ways to adjust and cope with this challenging disease. By collaborating with the Children’s Diabetes Foundation, we hope to not only help provide the best care possible for those impacted, but also devote valuable resources towards finding a cure, preventing and effectively treating diabetes.

What is one thing you wish the Denver business community knew about this non-profit?
One of the biggest challenges with type 1 diabetes is awareness. A lot of work has been done over the 40 years since the Children’s Diabetes Foundation and Barbara Davis Center were created. When they first got started, home blood testing didn’t exist, synthetic insulins were unheard of, and you had to sterilize your own syringes. Today, we have artificial pancreases, continuous glucose monitors and many other exciting medications that help a patient’s quality of life. But we haven’t reached the finish line. With additional support, we can reach that finish line and improve the quality of life for so many people.

What inspires you most about the work being done by your non-profit?
While I am incredibly inspired by all of the innovative work being at the Children’s Diabetes Foundation, what most inspires me is the children. They face challenges and hardships most of us are fortunate not to have to face – and they do so with strong spirits and smiles. By providing the best possible patient care, providing support groups, educating the public, and doing research to prevent and eventually cure diabetes, the Children’s Diabetes Foundation is improving these children’s lives every day.

What are the most important initiatives that this nonprofit is focused on in the coming year?
The Children’s Diabetes Foundation has a number of fantastic initiatives taking place. If I had to highlight one, it would be The Helping Hand Program. This program was designed to help financially at-risk families afford the medical supplies and education they need to support their children. When you hear how this program helped families, some who were struggling to afford to pay their rent or mortgage while fighting to keep their children healthy, you can’t help but to want to be involved. Other fantastic programs include the CDF Support Groups, offering the opportunity meet with people who understand the difficulties and daily management of type 1 diabetes and the Charlotte Tucker Scholarship.

What is the biggest challenge this non-profit is facing and how can the Denver business community help?
As with most non-profits, the biggest challenges are funding and resources. The Denver business community can help by giving time or money. Caring for a child with diabetes can be insurmountable. Did you know that when a patient is diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, the education and appointment fees total $1,400? Or that insulin is absolutely necessary for a type 1 to survive and can cost $300 per month for children and $600 per month for adults? Those are just a few of the costs and they all add up. By donating to the Helping Hand program, the business community can help these families in need. Supporting causes that make our communities stronger, makes us all better.


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