Business Accreditation

For businesses that meet BBB’s Standards for Trust, BBB offers accreditation with the organization. BBB Accredited Businesses may use BBB’s Accredited Business logo on their advertising materials and receive exclusive discounts for services such as advertising and dispute mediation/arbitration. For more information, go to

Charity Accreditation

BBB offers local 501c3 nonprofit organizations that meet BBB’s 20 Standards for Charity Accountability the opportunity to participate in the BBB Accredited Charity Seal Program, including use of BBB Accredited Charity logo, to display to donors that their organization operates responsibly, establish their commitment to ethical practices, and encourage greater confidence in giving. For more information, visit

Signature Events

Torch Awards

The BBB Torch Awards are an annual ceremony to recognize local businesses that demonstrate an exceptional commitment to ethics. Guests enjoy a catered dinner and drinks, and honor the prestigious businesses keeping ethics alive in our community. To purchase tickets or sponsor, please visit

Giving Opportunities

Student Scholarships – BBB believes that preparing an ethical workforce is essential to generating economic growth in Colorado, and provides student scholarships, ranging from $1000 to $15,000, to students in need. Denver Scholarship Foundation matches every dollar to double the impact. To find out more or donate, visit

Corporate Event Sponsorships – BBB offers local businesses the opportunity to sponsor events throughout the year. Sponsoring a BBB event provides an exclusive opportunity for networking, advertising, and demonstrating a commitment to ethics in the marketplace. To learn more, visit

Volunteer Opportunities

Arbitration and Mediation – BBB seeks trained arbitrators and mediators as volunteers for our dispute resolution process. Arbitration and mediation are effective and inexpensive ways to resolve business/consumer disputes before they escalate. To find out how to volunteer,

Become a BBB intern – BBB’s internship program offers professional experience in BBB’s Operations, Business Development, Marketing, Public Relations, Business Relations, Nonprofits Program, and Events and Social Media. Interns gain valuable and transferable skills, and a leg up in today’s competitive job market. To learn more, visit

Ethics Education – BBB offers students ethical decision-making tools through our LIFT program. To learn more about the program, visit

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