Advertising Information

To reserve your space in the 2018-2019 Denver Giving Guide, contact John Keck at 303.803.9256 or

The Giving Guide is Denver’s premier reference guide for charitable giving.

The Giving Guide provides information about nonprofits’ fundraising, events and volunteer opportunities to the Denver business community. The Denver Business Journal underwrites 80% of the cost of the two-page spreads, making it an affordable opportunity for nonprofits. The left hand page is utilized by the nonprofit to share their story, the right hand page is for an ad for either the nonprofit or their sponsor.

Print Sizes and Specifications

The Giving Guide is a heat-set, trimmed and perfect-bound publication measuring 10.5 inches wide x 14 inches tall.

Ads in a cover position

  • Bleed is 10.75” wide x 14.25” tall
  • Trim size is 10.5” wide x 14” tall
  • Add a 0.375” bleed on all sides

Other Ads

  • Full page: 8.5”w x 13.5”h

Registration/Crop marks are unnecessary. If they are needed, place marks OUTSIDE the bleed.

Camera-ready files

  • Ads must be submitted as PDF/X-1a files.
  • Files must be prepared in a layout program such as InDesign. Type must remain vector and the fonts must be outlined or embedded. PDF files created by Adobe Photoshop or Word are not considered camera-ready.
  • Color ads should be CMYK only. Pantone or spot colors are never used.
  • Color ads should not have an ink density higher than 300%.
  • Minimum photo resolution is 300 dpi. The Book of Lists is printed at a 85 lpi line screen.

Ads must be delivered at size. Ads that are submitted with dimensions different than listed above will be modified or stretched to fit the space that was reserved. Denver Business Journal will not “float” ads submitted smaller than the space that was reserved.

Partial page ads must have borders or artwork that clearly defines the outer edge of the ad. A hairline rule will be added around any ad submitted with white space on any side.

Submission Instructions

Please submit print ads via our ftp server. Files up to 1GB in size are accepted.

  • Using your Web browser, go to:
  • Fill in your contact information and select “Send ad files to ACBJ publications.”
  • Then select Denver Business Journal and follow the instructions.