Young Americans Center for Financial Education


3550 E. First Avenue,
Denver, CO 80206



President & CEO
Richard E. Martinez, Jr.

Year Established
Service Area
State of Colorado and across the borders of Kansas, Nebraska, and Wyoming

Mission Statement
Young Americans Center for Financial Education is committed to developing the financial literacy of young people through real life experiences and hands-on programs purposefully designed to enable them to prosper in our free enterprise system.

Research demonstrates a large percentage of people of all ages, incomes and education lack the basic financial knowledge to ensure long-term stability for themselves and their families.

Young Americans Center believes it is never too early to teach children about money. Our programs build life skills, work skills, and financial self-sufficiency in more than 60,000 youth every year. We focus on free enterprise, global economics, entrepreneurship, and banking and personal finance with four keystone programs: Young Americans Bank, Young AmeriTowne, International Towne, and YouthBiz.

“Money Skills for Kids. Money Skills for Life.”

• Educate more than 65,000 children, teens and young adults every year.
• Collaborate with new schools, districts and youth-serving agencies to serve more children.
• Support educators with robust financial, economic, and entrepreneurship curricula.
• Provide financial assistance for schools that cannot not otherwise afford to participate.

Fundraising Events: 

YouthBiz Stars
October 5, 2017
The YouthBiz Stars business competition recognizes the achievements of Colorado’s top youth entrepreneurs who compete in three age categories. The winners and finalists are honored at an evening awards gala which includes a showcase of winning youth businesses, a formal dinner, and an awards ceremony. What makes this event extra special is the participation of our Presenting Mentors, all admired leaders of the Colorado business community. More information is available at

Volunteer Opportunities: 

Meeting your employee engagement needs, Young Americans offers a variety of volunteer opportunities. Our popular “Business Consultant for a Day for Young AmeriTowne and/or International Towne” is reserved for our Send-a-School sponsors. Learn more at

Giving Opportunities: 

Individuals, corporations, and foundations are encouraged to partner with Young Americans Center at any giving level. Sponsorship opportunities include:

Young AmeriTowne Sponsor
A sponsorship of Young AmeriTowne provides a premier communication platform for achieving your brand and achieving your marketing objectives. Young AmeriTowne reaches more than 26,700 Colorado 5th graders (60% of all Denver metro 5th graders) along with their families and teachers every year. The program’s in-school curriculum culminates in a day in “Towne” which features shops and work activities branded by participating sponsors. Through a fully branded shop along with the delivery of tangible awareness, engagement and recognition benefits, we connect your brand and messaging to tens of thousands of Colorado families, students, and teachers.

International Towne Sponsor
International Towne is the only educational program of its kind in the country. Preparing 10,400 Colorado middle school students every year for the financial realities of the global economy, the program teaches these students about economic interdependence, supply and demand, personal finance, cross-cultural marketing and international business norms in a fun and hands-on way. The program’s in-school curriculum culminates in a day where students run the world in a beautiful soaring space which features countries and work activities branded by participating sponsors.

YouthBiz Sponsor
YouthBiz programs train students in entrepreneurship and promote positive youth development. Targeted to low-income middle school students, YouthBiz programs provide three progressive levels: YouthBiz StartUp, YouthBiz Out-of-the-Box and YouthBiz Stars. Sponsorships support the expanded delivery of the YouthBiz programs at our partner schools/agencies and inspire a next generation of entrepreneurs and business leaders of more diverse ethnic and economic backgrounds.

Send-a-School Sponsor
Young Americans’ Send-a-School Initiative makes participation in our award-winning Young AmeriTowne and International Towne programs in financial education and workforce readiness possible for students from low-income families. This CRA-eligible program provides financial aid to qualifying schools so that every Colorado student has the opportunity to receive this exceptional, hands-on learning experience.

YouthBiz Stars
Table Sponsorships start at $2,500, individual tickets are $250
YouthBiz Stars is our annual, statewide competition and dinner gala honoring the remarkable achievements of Colorado’s youngest business owners, ages 6 – 21. Supporters of this favorite gala link young entrepreneurs to training, mentoring and sales opportunities to expand business operations while raising funds for Young Americans Center for Financial Education.

Board of Directors: 


Jim Steeples

Shawn Cole

David Crittendon

Jeb Dickey

Norm Franke

Bud Hollencamp

Richard E. Martinez, Jr.

Debbie Meyers

David E. Pass, Jr.

Scott Simon

Joe Van Haselen


Dave Burlage

Tamara Doi Beck

Michael Gersack

Mark Goodman

Rich Jennings

Carrie Knudsen

Robert Likos

Charlie Maguire

Richard E. Martinez, Jr.

Alexis Owen

Bo Peretto

Christopher K. Picardi

Nancy Wigton

David Wolf


Aaron Bailey

Dave Burlage

Madison Carter

Brian Egan

Michael Gersack

Richard E. Martinez, Jr.

David Wolf


Aliyah Fard

Ben Roswell

Amelia Christensen

Sydney Cross-Watts

AJ Hammerstein

Nyla Higgs

David Hirschhorn

Kristoff Kerr

Amanda Lam

Brigid McNamara

Wilson Murane

Jazmin Peña

Evelese Reyes

Jack Ryan

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Weston Schroeder

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